Todd Grooms

Mammoth Cave, Frozen Niagara

Columbus-Belmont State Park

Nature, uhh, finds a way

Driveway chalk art

The Classic chimed!

First vaccination down!

Starting to pop.

Just around the corner.

Opening up a Macintosh Classic for restoration.

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Project

Autumn colors in Nashville.


Rainy day walk near Kentucky Lake.

I found this friend while cleaning up brush in the backyard. Closest look I’ve gotten in real life. I was so happy to share this with Max.

Sunflower in the neighborhood.

Me in 1989

Max in 2019

Showers at 4 AM. Such is life when you are on baby watch. After helping Ashley time her contractions, we decided it might not be a bad idea to shower and get ready for what the day might bring. 💐

I just finished painting baby #2’s bedroom. I considered hiring painters to do it. However, I felt this was something I could do as a welcome gift. I am very pleased with the outcome and happy that I put in the effort.

It’s always fun to wake up to fraudulent charge alert emails. Luckily it was just one attempt on one card that isn’t used for our subscriptions. It’s still a pain though.

No one prepared me for how much of adult hood is either looking at burned out light bulbs or replacing burned out light bulbs. Come to think of it, most of my adult life has consisted of replacing things.

⚾️ TIL the Houston Astros were originally the Houston Colt .45s. 🤯

⚾️ Watching the Astros/Nationals in game three of the World Series and I just had the realization that “Astros” is short for “Astronauts”. 🤯

I just found out what the Q stands for in LGBTQ+. I’m proud of my Alma mater for investing in support programs.

One of the things I’m continually disappointed with are the prevalence of violent or scary commercials during sport telecasts. Narrowly avoided Max seeing the trailer for It 2 while watching the Louisville/Notre Dame game last night. I find it confounding that we, as a society, allow violent television advertisements, but we blow a gasket over brief nudity.